Birthright Whanganui Inc and YWCA Whanganui Inc

Parenting courses for Whanganui and Marton.

Birthright Whanganui runs a parenting programme for 0 to 3 year olds which was developed as part of a Ministry of Social Development contract. This has been running since 2008. The programme is subject to CYF's audits. We have an accredited programme with capable and experienced facilitators. Birthright has provided services in Whanganui since 1959 and was granted High Trust status by the Minister of Social Development in 2011. We also work with families in the Rangitikei area.

The YWCA has provided antenatal education to young parents since 2008. This programme includes pregnancy, birthing and beyond including coping with baby's first weeks, coping with stress, postnatal depression, and much more. All sessions are delivered by a qualified childbirth educator. The YWCA Whanganui works to increase the self-confidence, self-esteem and provides the ability for young women and their families to make informed decisions regarding their future and that of their family. The YWCA Whanganui has provided services in Whanganui since 1939.

Both organisations have access to facilities conducive to young people's learning.

We believe young people in the 2nd trimester of their pregnancy should be referred to the antenatal programme ensuring knowledge is gained before the birth of their child with a natural progression from that programme into the 0-3 programme run by Birthright. We believe our collaborative approach to this parenting programme would benefit all parties concerned.

The administration work would be undertaken by Birthright Whanganui, however facilitators from both organisations would work collaboratively.

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