Barnardos operates nationwide and is an experienced and accomplished provider of both parenting courses and early childhood services

Barnardos is an approved provider under section 396 and 403 of the Child and Young Person and Their Families Act.

Our parenting work aims to create an environment in which parents can learn from each other and where seeking information or advice is considered normal and not perceived as failure.

Barnardos parenting education is based on the six principles of the positive parenting initiative SKIP (Strategies with Kids, Information for Parents): love, warmth, talking and listening, guidance and understanding, limits and boundaries, consistency and consequences, and a structure 'secure' world.

The following people can be contacted for further discussions about our parenting education courses:

Operations Manager Phone Area covered
Upper North - Christine Olsen 09 6253609 Whangarei
North Shore
West Auckland
Auckland Central / Auckland South
Lower North - Karen Billings 04 8011677 Gisborne
Manawatu/Hawkes Bay
Upper South - Susie Jones 03 3782728 Nelson
Lower South - David Booth 03 3782766 Otago

We also offer centre or home based Early Childhood Education from Whangarei to Invercargill. Please contact Lisa Watkins General Manager Tel: 09 625 3712 for further information.