Wage Subsidy (Project in the Community)

Work and Income subsidises wages and/or training for people involved in projects.

How it works

Flexi-Wage is a subsidy that allows people to participate in project-based work where they can develop work habits and general on the job skills. This experience will help people progress towards unsubsidised, sustainable employment.

Flexi-Wage also benefits the community by providing workers for community or environmental projects that would not otherwise be done.

The expected outcome for Flexi-Wage is movement into unsubsidised work within eight weeks of completing the subsidised job or a significant increase in the client’s willingness and capacity to work.

The main points for employers to note are:

  • your project must be a fixed term community or environmental project that would otherwise not be done, must not displace existing employees
  • all employers can take part, including community organisations, service groups, education/ local authorities, government departments, farmers or other private sector employers, so long as the criteria are met.

All you have to do is:

  • organise the project
  • provide the materials
  • pay any difference between the subsidy and the wage for the job
  • pay GST, PAYE, ACC and holiday pay
  • provide a safe and healthy work environment.

We will stay in contact with you to see that everything is running smoothly.

The people involved may face a range of barriers to entering or re-entering the workforce and need support as they move closer to employment. We provide that on-going support.

The amount of assistance a client is eligible for depends on their needs and barriers to employment. The amount is capped but provides room for flexibility in terms of how, when and on what the money can be spent. Combinations of wage subsidies and training subsidies will be likely for most jobseekers, although some may only need one or the other to start working.

If you have a particular eligible person in mind we are happy to consider them.

For more information about Wage Subsidies:

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