Emergency accommodation suppliers

Information for temporary accommodation suppliers for the Ministry of Social Development (MSD), where the client's costs for accommodation are paid by an Emergency Housing Special Needs Grant.

What is emergency housing

When people have nowhere to stay, we’ll help them with emergency housing. This is where emergency accommodation suppliers come in.

If there are no other options, we’ll help people pay for emergency accommodation, such as a room in a motel.

While our clients are in emergency accommodation, we’ll make sure they have access to support from a case manager, navigator or social services.

  • How we pay emergency accommodation suppliers

    We will pay for a client's accommodation for up to seven nights, and we may issue longer grants of up to 21 nights following the initial seven-night grant.

    Please note: clients should speak with us before they book their accommodation (either with you, or through an online booking).

    We’ll let you know how much we’ve approved to pay on the client’s behalf. To receive payments on behalf of a client, you will need to be a registered MSD supplier.

    Because we’re making payments to you on behalf of the client, this means:

    • the agreement for accommodation and the rules of stay are between you and the client;
    • MSD will not accept any liability for the client not turning up, or damage or loss caused by the client (and/or anyone else staying with them); and
    • if there are costs we can’t pay, you’ll need to follow these up with the client.
  • Security deposits

    A security deposit helps safeguard you in the event there are losses or damages caused by the client (or anyone else staying with them).

    Generally, the security deposit will be seven times the nightly rate of the accommodation the client receives. We can negotiate this amount on an individual basis.

    The agreed amount will be available to be claimed during or at the end of the client’s stay.

    • It can’t be used by you or the client for any other purpose.
    • It’s only to be used if there are costs for any loss or damage (covered by the security deposit) for which the client is responsible, e.g. the security deposit doesn’t cover general wear and tear.

    This means you must check for any loss or damages and discuss these with the client before they check out or when you become aware of any loss or damages during the client’s stay.

  • Claiming costs for damage or loss

    If you notice damage or loss either during or at the end of the client’s stay, you can invoice MSD up to the amount of the approved security deposit. You can also do this if the client has caused damage or loss and has failed to check out.

    You need to provide the Declaration for damage or loss along with your invoice to your local service centre. The amount charged must be actual and reasonable costs and you may be required to provide proof. In the Declaration for damage or loss, you will need to confirm the client has agreed to the costs, or didn't check out, before we’ll pay your invoice.

  • Refunding money to the Ministry of Social Development

    Sometimes we may make a payment to the wrong supplier, or a client may leave accommodation early.

    If you need to refund any money that we have paid you on the client’s behalf, you can do this by direct credit:

    Account name: MSD ROBOC 3

    Westpac account: 03-0049-0006243-25

    When making a payment by direct credit, you need to enter the:

    • client's surname then initials in the 'Particulars' field
    • client's 9 digit MSD client number (without the dashes) in the 'Reference' field. Add the letter C before the client number, so it appears in the field as C123456789. If your bank requires 11 characters in the reference field, please add a zero at the end.

    If you are making multiple refunds in one payment, please attach a schedule of these, and email this to Crown_Revenue@msd.govt.nz.

    The schedule needs to include:

    • a breakdown of refunds
    • client's surname and initials
    • client's 9 digit MSD client number.

    In the email, please also tell us the day the bulk payment was made and the total amount paid.