Current clients returning to New Zealand

Information for those getting NZ Super or Veteran's Pension and returning to New Zealand

Returning temporarily or on holiday

If you return to New Zealand temporarily or on holiday, your payments from us usually stay the same as you get overseas.

Community Services Card

If you live overseas but are going to be temporarily in New Zealand you may be eligible to receive a temporary Community Services Card to help with any medical expenses while in New Zealand.

Please call 0800 999 999 for more information.

Returning permanently

If you intend to return to New Zealand to live, please contact Senior Services - International as soon as possible to find out how your payments will change.

If you are thinking of leaving Australia

Remember, you can only apply for New Zealand Superannuation or Veteran's Pension from outside of New Zealand if you're living in one of the countries New Zealand has a Social Security Agreement with. You may not be able to get any more payments if you leave Australia for another country, so talk to us first.