Clients Stranded Overseas

This form is for our clients who are currently stranded overseas due to COVID-19. It will help us make a decision about what kind of assistance we may be able to give you while you're stranded overseas.


If you’re already being paid under the special assistance programme and we’ve asked you to complete a form, please complete the online form through the link we sent you in our email/letter, rather than the form below.

Only complete this form if:

  • you were getting payments from us when you temporarily left New Zealand before 26 March, and
  • you are stranded overseas due to COVID-19 restrictions, and
  • you intend to return to New Zealand as soon as these restrictions are lifted and flights are available, and
  • your circumstances have not changed, and you would still be entitled to your payment if you were in New Zealand, and
  • you’re not already being paid through our special assistance programme while you’re overseas.

Please do not fill out this form if you do not meet all these criteria. We understand this is a difficult time for many New Zealanders. If you need help while you are overseas, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.