Online application process if you've applied with RealMe

The online application process if you've applied for a benefit, payment or NZ Super using RealMe before 30 June 2020.


From 30 June 2020 you can no longer submit applications through RealMe.

If you've submitted an application before this date, then the process below still applies.

Once you've submitted your application:

  • 1. We'll contact you

    We'll contact you to let you know if you need to do anything further, and if there are any supporting documents you need to provide.

  • 2. We'll process your application

    We'll process your application as soon we can and let you know by phone or letter when this is done.

    If you disagree with our decision, you can ask for a review of decision

  • 3. Your payments will start


    The Government has decided to remove stand-downs as part of its response to COVID-19.

    If you're eligible for a benefit between 23 March 2020 and 23 November 2020, you won't have a stand-down.

    In most cases your payments will start from the date your application is approved. If you've left your job without a good reason or have been fired for misconduct, you may need to wait up to 13 weeks before your payments start.

    Once your payments start, you won't get any money in the first week. This is because we pay you for the week that's just been. This is called arrears.

  • 4. Manage your information online

    Once you're getting paid, you can log in to MyMSD to access some of your personal information and complete certain transactions yourself, eg telling us about your income.

    MyMSD will also tell you when your payments will start.