Work experience

You can offer one of our candidates an opportunity for work experience within your business.

Work experience is a great opportunity for one of our candidates to learn new skills, make new contacts and gain confidence and self esteem. Hopefully, it will also lead to permanent work, and meanwhile you gain an extra pair of hands for up to a month.


You can place a candidate in work experience for up to 4 weeks, at a maximum of 40 hours a week.

  • Who can offer it

    You may be able to offer work experience if:

    • you're either:
      • in the private sector
      • in the public sector
      • a community organisation
    • you're not dismissing a paid employee to do this
    • you're not taking work away from a paid employee to give to the person on work experience
    • it's not a job in:
      • speculative services, eg investment stock trading
      • commission-based sales without a retainer.
    • your business is appropriate to the local community, eg it's not work experience in:
      • massage parlours
      • strip clubs
      • brothels
      • adult shops
      • non-licensed gambling
      • high interest money lending, eg private loan companies
      • multi-level marketing enterprises, eg pyramid selling enterprises.
  • How it works

    Our responsibilities

    We will:

    • talk with you about your business and what experience your business can offer someone
    • introduce you to suitable people and provide information on their skills and abilities
    • stay in touch and check on your chosen person's progress regularly
    • provide help where we can, if needed, eg, connect you with a training provider if the candidate needs training.

    You decide on the person you’d like to provide work experience for. Once you’ve found someone through us, we’ll sign an agreement with you.

    Your responsibilities

    Your responsibilities include normal workplace matters, eg:

    • health and safety
    • supervision
    • providing any tools the person may need.

    You don’t have to:

    • pay wages
    • offer permanent work
    • pay ACC levies or
    • keep the person in your business if things don’t work out.
  • How to apply

    If you would like to offer work experience or find out more about the programme, call our Employer Line: 0800 778 008