Hiring someone from overseas

If you have a vacancy paying below the national median wage (currently $25.50p/h, adjusted each year by Statistics NZ), you need a Skills Match Report (SMR) before you can hire a migrant. We can only issue this if you've advertised your vacancy with us and haven't found a suitable New Zealander.


People who are on a working holiday visa that's due to expire will automatically be granted a Supplementary Seasonal Employer (SSE) visa.

Find out if you can hire people on a SSE visa

We have lots of great candidates and can help with training if they don't quite have the required skills for the job.

Step 1 - Advertise with us

You need to list your vacancy with us

Work visas

If the person has a work visa, it depends on what type of visa they have as to whether or not you need to advertise with us. If you're unsure, check with Immigration New Zealand

Step 2 - Find a suitable candidate

You need to demonstrate a genuine attempt to find a suitable New Zealand candidate for your vacancy.

So we can tailor a recruitment plan to meet your needs, we'll contact you to discuss your vacancy. This is so we can learn about your business and understand more about the role.

Then we'll list your vacancy:

  • in our offices
  • on our website.

Once your vacancy is listed, we can:

  • search for suitable candidates who:
    • would be a good fit for your business
    • could be trained to do the job
  • shortlist candidates and refer the best ones to you
  • arrange times for you to interview the candidates
    • we may also be able to provide a space for you to hold any interviews, if you need it
  • connect you with information and services if you need advice:
    • before making an employment offer, eg how you can complete reference checks
    • once you make a decision on who you want to hire.

If there's a candidate that doesn't quite have the required skill level for the job, we may be able to help with things like:

  • training
  • ongoing support and advice
  • modifications or equipment if they're disabled.

Step 3 - Skills Match Report

If you can't find a suitable or trainable New Zealand candidate, we'll close your vacancy and contact you to let you know. You need to ask us for a Skills Match Report to support a work visa application.

If you decide at a later time that you want a Skills Match Report, you can call us on 0800 778 008 but you need to do this within 5 days of your vacancy being closed.

A Skills Match Report outlines:

  • how many candidates:
    • we found that:
      • are suitable for your vacancy
      • could be trained for your vacancy
    • you interviewed for the vacancy
    • you hired (if there was more than one position available)
  • what the job was, including the:
    • location
    • pay rate
    • skills required
    • job description
  • the reasons for not hiring candidates.

We'll send this report to you and Immigration New Zealand within 2 working days.