Service-related allowances and grants

There are a number of special allowances and grants for veterans and their relatives.

Who can get it

Veterans who live in New Zealand may be able to get the following payments:

  • attendant allowances – these help veterans with disabilities remain in their own home.
  • car loans
  • clothing allowances
  • funeral grants
  • gallantry awards – for decorated veterans with disabilities
  • hearing aid grants
  • medical care – this pays for medical treatment and equipment to help veterans with disabilities
  • transport and travelling expenses – this pays for travel to medical appointments (and sometimes other travel) for veterans with disabilities.

Relatives of veterans may be able to get the following payments:

  • children's pensions – for the dependent child of a veteran if the veteran is totally disabled or has died due to service
  • Children's Bursary – these are paid to the children of Veterans who have or had disabilities
  • Surviving Spouse or Partner pension - a payment for people whose partner has died from disabilities caused by a war.

For more information

For more information about these allowances and grants contact Veterans' Affairs on:

If you are deaf, hearing-impaired or find it hard to communicate by phone you may send a message to our Deaf Link free-fax 0800 621 621.