A guide to what you can get if you are New Zealand veteran. You may be entitled to special benefits or pensions in recognition of your service.


There are special pensions and assistance available only to veterans.

  • What you can get

  • Help if your spouse, partner, parent or child is a veteran

    If you're a relative of a veteran you may be able to get pensions, special allowances and grants, including if your partner has died.

  • Other financial help

    You may be able to receive other financial help, for example, if:

    • you need help supporting children and families
    • you're in financial hardship
    • you're disabled or have a health condition.
  • Veterans' Affairs

    Veteran under 65

    If you have a disability as a result of a service related injury or illness, you may qualify for Weekly Income Compensation from Veterans’ Affairs.


Contact us if you:

  • would like assistance
  • aren't sure if you can get assistance
  • are struggling to support yourself or your family
  • would like more information.

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