Help from other organisations

There are many other organisations that can help you with health and transport costs and general wellbeing

Help with health costs

Health and Disability Support Services

This assistance includes support such as helping with bathing, meal preparation or modifications to your home so you can continue living there.

If you're the main carer for another person, you may be able to get help to take a break.

For more information contact your local District Health Board (in your phone book).


Healthline is a free, 24-hours telephone health advice service which lets you talk confidentially to a registered nurse anytime you need to.

Phone Healthline on 0800 611 116

High Use Health Card (also known as High User Card)

This card is for people who go to a health practitioner, eg a doctor, on a regular basis (a minimum of 12 times in 12 months). Please talk to your health practitioner if you think you may qualify for this card.

Pharmaceutical Subsidy Card

If you need a lot of prescriptions each year, you may qualify for a Pharmaceutical Subsidy Card.

Talk to your health practitioner, eg, your pharmacist, or visit the Ministry of Health website: for more information.

Seniorline (information about independence or finding care)

Seniorline is a national service providing information on how to get help to stay at home and relief care for caregivers. They also have information on rest homes and private hospitals, help to find care, funding and the services that should be provided.

For more information about Seniorline visit or phone 0800 725 463.

Hearing Aid Subsidy

If you need a hearing aid/s the Ministry of Health may be able to help with this cost.

There are 2 types of assistance. Depending on your circumstances and type of hearing loss, you may be able to get help from one of these schemes.

Hearing Aid Funding Scheme

There are a number of requirements you need to meet to qualify for this and you may need to complete an income and asset test.

For more information visit

Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme

If you don't qualify to have your hearing aid paid for under the funding scheme, you may be able to get a subsidy. This isn't income or asset tested.

For more information visit

For more information or to apply phone Enable New Zealand on 0800 362 253 (0800ENABLE) or visit

Home insulation and heater grants

If you're a low-income homeowner, you may be able to get a grant covering 90% of the cost of:

  • heating (maximum grant of $3,000 including GST) for either:
    • an efficient heat pump
    • a wood burner, or
    • a pellet burner, and
  • ceiling and underfloor insulation.

For more information visit or phone 0800 749 782

  • Help with transport

    Total Mobility Scheme

    If you have mobility difficulties which prevent you from easily using public transport, you may be able to get subsidised taxi fares.

    The Scheme is organised by the Ministry of Transport and participating regional councils to help people to take an active part in their community.

    For more information and to check if the scheme is available in your area contact your local council.

    Mobility parking scheme

    If you have limited mobility you may be able to get a permit which allows you to:

    • park conveniently close to your destination in accessible reserved parking spaces
    • park longer than the stated time in some standard car parks and metered spaces.

    All applications have to be approved by a doctor. Your doctor or the local CCS Disability Action office will have application forms for you to fill in.

    For more information visit or phone 0800 227 2255

  • Help with paying rates

    Rates Rebate Scheme

    The Rates Rebate Scheme offers a discount to low income earners who pay rates on their own home. Ratepayers apply to their local council for the rebate.

    For an application form and more information about qualifying for this rebate visit or contact your local council.

  • Help to keep safe from scams

    To help keep yourself and your family safe there's detailed information about scams on the Consumer Affairs website

    This includes information on how to identify scams, protect yourself against them and what to do if you've been scammed.

    The Office of the Privacy Commissioner website also has useful advice to keep your information safe.

  • Help with questions about tax

    Contact Inland Revenue for information about tax, for example your tax rate on your NZ Super payments, or if you're earning other income.

    For more information visit or phone 0800 227 774 (have your IRD number handy).

  • Help with fire safety in the home

    The New Zealand Fire Service can help you install and check your smoke alarms. Check your phone book for the number to contact in your area.

  • Help if you're a veteran

    If you have a disability you believe is either attributable to, or aggravated by, your service as a member of the New Zealand Armed Forces you may be able to get a Disablement Pension.

    A Surviving Spouse Pension is also available to the partner of veterans:

    • if their death is found to be attributable to service as a member of the New Zealand Armed Forces, or
    • if they were getting a Disablement Pension of at least 52 per cent at the time of death, or
    • if it's found they could've been getting a Disablement Pension of at least 52 per cent at the time of death.

    For more information visit or phone 0800 4 VETERAN (0800 483 8372)

  • Help with working and raising a family

    Working for Families assistance

    You could qualify for tax credits from Inland Revenue, depending on your income.

    Check out our Working for Families page or phone 0800 227 773 for more information.