The Community Services Card and the SuperGold card

Information about how the Community Services Card works with the SuperGold card.

What you need to know

If you have a current Community Services Card at the time you're granted NZ Super, your current Community Services Card can be used to its expiry date. You'll need to reapply when it expires. This is because NZ Super is counted as income and we need you to update your income details.

The combo card replacement

  • If you're successful when you reapply for a Community Services Card, we'll send you a new 'combo card'. The card will have the initials 'CSC' on the back. The expiry date on the back of your card can range from one to three years, depending on your personal financial circumstances.
  • Your new 'combo card' replaces your Community Services Card and can be used for both health subsidies and SuperGold Card discounts.

What happens when your combo card expires

  • When your 'combo card' is due to expire, we'll automatically reissue a new card in most cases.
  • If you're on NZ Super and your income is close to the limit to receive a Community Services Card, we'll send you a renewal application before your current card expires.
  • You'll need to complete and return the application so we can send you the correct new card.
  • If you receive a Veteran's Pension you receive a new 'combo card' automatically.