Restarting your COVID-19 Income Relief Payment

The Income Relief Payment is paid for 12 weeks. If you didn't get your full 12 weeks payment because it stopped (eg, because you started work), you may be able to restart it again.

When you can restart your payment

You can restart your Income Relief Payment if:

  • you haven't had your full 12 weeks of payments
  • you had work but this ended (and you didn't get dismissed (eg, for misconduct), or choose to leave
  • your partner's wages or salary is less than $2,000 a week before tax
  • you're not getting income protection payments or Paid Parental Leave from Inland Revenue
  • you're not getting a redundancy payment of $30,000 or more before tax
  • you haven't applied for, or received, the Small Business Cashflow Loan
  • the Income Relief Payment is still available (this payment will stop after 4 February 2021).

How to restart your Income Relief Payment

If you want to restart your Income Relief Payment, call us on 0800 559 009