If you’re sick or need time off work because of COVID-19

We may be able to help you if you need support while you self-isolate, or help your employer pay your wages or salary if you can’t work because of COVID-19.

If you're self-employed, you can also apply for this support.

The Unite Against COVID-19 website has information about when to get a test, getting free Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs), and how to report COVID-19 test results.

If you are self-isolating

Whether you’re working or not, you could get extra support while you and your family are self-isolating. This could include money for help with urgent costs or support from a community organisation near you.

Your employer can apply for the COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme to help pay your wages or salary if you can’t work from home while self-isolating. Self-employed people can also apply for this.

Waiting for a COVID-19 PCR test result

Your employer can apply for the Short-Term Absence Payment to help pay your wages or salary if you:

  • are staying at home while you wait for a COVID-19 PCR test result, and
  • can’t work from home.

Self-employed people can also apply.

You can't get the Short-Term Absence Payment when you take a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) because the results are quick. If you test positive your employer will be able to apply for the Leave Support Scheme.

Who can apply for employer support

You can’t apply for employer support yourself, unless you’re self-employed.

Your employer needs to apply for their business and include your name as an employee. They need to get your agreement to use your details in their application before they apply.

Check what employers can apply for

Use our tool to see what COVID-19 support your employer could get.