Providing us with identifying documents

Documents can be originals or certified copies

We can only accept copies of identifying documents, when they are:

  • physical copies of the documents that have been originally sighted, dated and signed by a Work and Income staff member that is on the client's file or
  • copies of documents that have been certified as a true copy by a Solicitor/Lawyer, Notary Public, Registrar of the Court or Justice of the Peace. The person must see the original document and must provide the following on the copy:
    • their name in print
    • position/title (must be one of the professions above)
    • date the certified true copy was made
    • address and telephone number of the person certifying the document
    • signature of the person certifying the document
    • the stamp or wording indicating 'this photo copy is a true copy of the original document which has not been altered in any way', or wording of similar effect, is to be printed or written on the photocopy.