More funds for employment and training

09 May 2022.

Further investment is coming for Apprenticeship Boost, Māori Trades and Training Fund, and Mana in Mahi. These employment initiatives help New Zealanders earn while they continue to learn.

The Government has announced further support for three employment initiatives as part of Budget 2022. They are:

  • Apprenticeship Boost
  • Māori Trades and Training Fund
  • Mana in Mahi.

Apprenticeship Boost extended

Apprenticeship Boost has been extended another 17 months and will be available until the end of December 2023, as part of Budget 2022.

Apprenticeship Boost helps employers keep and take on new apprentices.

It’s paid directly to employers and is available for eligible apprentices within their first two years (24 months) of learning.

From 5 August 2022, there’s a change to the amount of Apprenticeship Boost for first-year apprentices. It will be paid at $500 a month (GST exclusive). This matches the second-year apprentice rate, which remains unchanged.

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More investment in Māori Trades and Training Fund

$66.202 million is being made available over three years to support Māori training and employment programmes through the Māori Trades and Training Fund (MTTF).

The MTTF supports employment-focused training programmes designed by Māori and tailored for Māori in their communities to support sustainable and paid employment outcomes for Māori.

So far, it is supporting 17 Māori training and employment providers to design and deliver employment-focused training and employment programmes.

To date, 254 people have participated in MTTF training, and existing contracts are expected to support 813 people to take part in employment-focused training programmes. Additional funding will enable new programmes to be established so more Māori can access training and employment opportunities.

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Mana in Mahi supporting at-risk job seekers

Funding of $10.908 million will support the delivery of employment and industry training through a one-year Mana in Mahi programme.

Mana in Mahi is for people at risk of being on a benefit for a long time. It includes a wage subsidy paid to the employer, and pre-employment support for the participant as well as additional pastoral and education support. There’s also an incentive payment for participants, and a contribution towards the cost of gaining an industry qualification.

In 2020, Mana in Mahi was expanded to include increased supports over two years instead of one. Mana in Mahi provides significant incentives to employers and participants, with people gaining the skills and experience after one year to continue working. Mana in Mahi is changing back to a one-year programme from 5 August 2022, while keeping increased supports for the year-long programme.

The funding means the number of Mana in Mahi placements can increase from 1,300 to 1,600 over the next two years – an increase of 300 placements.

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