Subsequent Child Policy ends

05 October 2021.

What happens to benefits when the Subsequent Child policy ends on 8 November 2021.

Last year the Government announced the Subsequent Child policy will be removed from 8 November 2021.

This change means we’ll now consider the age of the youngest child in someone’s care when deciding whether they need to look for part- or full-time work, and if they’re eligible for Sole Parent Support rather than Jobseeker Support.

Previously, if someone had an additional (or ’subsequent’) child while on a benefit, their obligations and eligibility would be based on their next youngest eligible child.

When this change comes into effect on 8 November 2021:

  • some sole parents getting Jobseeker Support will automatically transfer to Sole Parent Support. They will still have full access to support to explore their work, training, or study options.
  • some sole parents and partners of main beneficiaries will only need to prepare for or look for part-time work instead of full-time work.

The amount people get paid won’t be affected.

We’re contacting people affected by this change to confirm how it affects them.