Support when you start a seasonal job

27 November 2020.

There's more financial support if you're an unemployed New Zealander and you take on a seasonal job.

The changes are:

  • The Government has restarted the New Zealand Seasonal Work Scheme. It will now help with accommodation costs and incentive payments.
  • Changes have been made to the payment rates of Seasonal Work Assistance. This is a payment that can help people who can't work in their seasonal job due to bad weather.

Due to COVID-19 there are labour shortages for our horticulture and wine growing industries. There are also fewer overseas workers able to travel to New Zealand for seasonal work. These changes are to help address these issues.

New Zealand Seasonal Work Scheme

If you want to take up seasonal work of 6 weeks or more and need support, we may be able to help through the NZ Seasonal Work Scheme.

The Seasonal Work Scheme is made up of 3 types of support:

  • support for your seasonal work, eg:
    • daily travel to work
    • costs for clothing and work gear
    • moving costs if you have to move to take up seasonal work
  • accommodation costs payment
  • incentive payment.

Seasonal Work Assistance Programme

Payment rate changes for this are:

  • The rate paid is increasing to the current minimum wage for up to 40 hours a week (less tax and ACC).
  • The maximum amount you can be paid in a 26-week period is increasing from $940 to $2,149.