Changes to payments from 1 April

30 March 2020.

There are some changes being made to benefit rates from 1 April 2020, and this may affect your payments. We’ll update your payments for you. You don’t need to do anything.

  • Main benefit increase

    Main benefit rates are being increased by $25 a week as part of the Government’s response to COVID-19 (for couples, the increase will be $25 in total).

    This increase to the after-tax rate will apply to:

    • Jobseeker Support
    • Sole Parent Support
    • Supported Living Payment
    • Young Parent Payment
    • Youth Payment

    This is in addition to the usual changes to payments made on 1 April each year.

  • Benefit and Payment rates 2020

    Benefit and payment rates increase on 1 April 2020, due to both the Annual General Adjustment and the increase in main benefit rates.

  • If you get other payments from us

    Increases in your benefit or superannuation payment may affect some of your other payments such as Temporary Additional Support, Accommodation Supplement and Childcare Assistance – but generally people will be better off because of these changes.

  • Your first April payment

    If you’re paid weekly, you’ll get a part payment at the new rate in the week 6 April, and a full payment at the new rate in the week 14 April.

    If you get paid fortnightly, you’ll get a full payment at the new rate in the week 14 April.

    Please note: Due to Easter, payments due on Tuesday 14 will be paid early on Friday 10 April.

    Increases for some clients may take a little longer to process

    While changes for most clients are made automatically, some need to be done manually – which could take a bit longer, especially at the moment. We are prioritising these and will have all payments updated as soon as we can. Don’t worry, we’ll still calculate your payment from 1 April and make sure this is paid to you.

  • Income Support Package takes effect from 1 April

    As part of the Government’s Income Support Package:

    • you’ll be able to earn more each week before your benefit reduces. This is sometimes called the abatement threshold.
    • Section 192 reductions will be removed.
  • How to check your payments

    To check your payments, you can log into MyMSD.