Report on welfare system

03 May 2019.

The Government has released the Welfare Expert Advisory Group’s recommendations for the future shape of New Zealand’s welfare system.

The Welfare Expert Advisory Group (WEAG) was formed to provide independent advice to the Government on options for the future direction of the social welfare system.

These are proposals for the Government to consider. There is still a process to go through before the Government decides what it wants to do.

At that stage we’ll let you know about anything that affects you.

Other News

The Government has also made some announcements. These are:

  1. The repeal of Section 192 (formerly 70A) to remove the requirement to reduce the sole parent benefit of people who do not name the other parent of their child.
  2. An increase in how much a person getting a main benefit can earn up to each week (abatement threshold) before their benefit begins to reduce.

Section 192 (formerly 70A) and the change to abatement rates both require a change in law, and we expect they will come into effect from 1 April 2020.

Until then the current system stands. We are happy to go through your individual situation to make sure you’re getting all the help that you should be. Please call us to talk about this.