Important information for Auckland clients

03 May 2017.

Important information for Auckland clients and people planning to attend the Queen Street AAAP 'Impact Event' on Thursday 4 May.

If you're planning to attend this event, this is how we’ll ensure we can look after clients who already have appointments with us, and we can prioritise people with an urgent need.

We’ll talk to you to find out what help you need from us. As always, advocates are welcome to attend appointments.

Queens Street clients

In addition to their booked appointments, case managers will only be seeing Queen Street clients with an emergency need.

People with non-emergency needs will be booked an appointment at a future date.

Clients from other areas

All people from other areas will be assessed and if appropriate, we’ll book an appointment for you at your home site.

If your situation isn’t an emergency, please consider the expense and inconvenience to you of coming to Queen Street when you may be able to get the help you need more easily using our 24/7 online service, MyMSD (for food grants etc) or by making an appointment at your local Work and Income office. You can also make and change appointments using MyMSD.