My Account

My Account lets you do a number of things online such as view your payments, declare your income, book appointments and update some of your information. There’s no waiting in line or on the phone.

Who can use My Account

You can create a My Account if you receive financial assistance from us or NZ Super.

You’ll need an email address and a mobile phone number. If you don’t have a mobile, contact us if you need to update your details or declare your income online.

You can only create and use a My Account for yourself.

If you’re an agent or have power of attorney for a client, you can make enquiries or complete transactions for your client by calling or visiting us.

How to create a My Account

  1. Select 'Log in to My Account' below. This will take you to the Online Services homepage – select 'My Account'.
  2. Log in using RealMe. If you already have a RealMe login you can use that, otherwise you’ll need to create one.

    What is RealMe?
    How to create an email account

  3. Once you’ve logged in with your RealMe username and password, you'll get a text from 2388 with your RealMe code. Enter your RealMe code to continue. Your RealMe code is valid for 5 minutes.

  4. To access My Account for the first time you need to enter your:
    • client number - this is the 9-digit number printed on all letters we send you and also on your Community Services Card
    • one-time password that we've sent to your mobile phone number (this will come from 2422 and is different from the RealMe text code). 
      How to get a one-time password

Please note:

  • Your RealMe username, password and one-time password are case-sensitive.
  • The next time you log in you’ll only need your RealMe username, password and mobile phone. RealMe will text a new authentication code every time you log in to My Account.
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What you can do in My Account

This depends on the type of assistance you’re receiving. For most clients you can:

Students need to contact StudyLink

NZ Super clients can’t use My Account to book, change or cancel appointments, or tell us if you’re going overseas. You’ll need to either use Senior Services online forms to do this and more or email Senior Services.

My Account availability times

You can access My Account anytime.

We’ll let you know on this page when My Account has scheduled maintenance and will be unavailable.


You can check your appointments anytime. 

You can only book, change or cancel appointments during these times:

DayNZ time
Monday to Thursday 7am to 10pm
Friday 7am to 8pm

Help with My Account

Watch this video on how to log in to My Account for the first time:

You can also download the video here. Size 5.61Mb. Transcript


Watch this video on how to use My Account:

You can also download the video here. Size 7.50Mb. Transcript

Your privacy and security

It’s important to protect your personal information online.

  • When you’re finished using our online services make sure you log out.
  • The system will log you out automatically after five minutes of inactivity.

You must understand: