Pre benefit activities

You may be required to complete ‘pre-benefit activities’ before receiving a benefit

You may need to complete pre-benefit activities if you apply for:

  • Jobseeker Support
  • Sole Parent Support
  • Emergency Benefit

Your partner may also need to complete pre-benefit activities if you apply for:

  • Jobseeker Support
  • Emergency Benefit
  • Supported Living Payment

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What are pre-benefit activities?

Pre-benefit activities are practical steps that will help you find work. These can include:

Providing evidence of job search

You’ll need to show us that you have been looking for work, so remember to keep records of:

  • acknowledgements of online job applications
  • written correspondence to verify unsuccessful applications or considerations for employment
  • personal statements or lists of vacancies applied for
  • confirmation of any interviews.

Attending a Work for You seminar

The Work for You seminar is an hour long, group employment seminar where you’ll be provided with information about:

  • the importance of looking for work
  • job searching tips
  • our employment services
  • your local labour market
  • any current vacancies
  • work obligations
  • financial assistance while you look for work.

Creating a Jobseeker Profile

We can promote you to employers by creating a profile of your previous employment, skills and qualifications. Employers will also be able to browse your profile and contact you directly if they are interested in you.

Producing an up-to-date CV

Your CV has one purpose – to get you an interview. Keep your CV brief. You only need a short introduction and your skills, experience, training and qualifications that are relevant to the position. You’ll need to create or produce an updated CV before you meet with us. For tips on writing your CV, see:

Meeting with a Case Manager

You’ll attend an appointment with a Case Manager to discuss employment, complete a plan, and to apply for benefit.

How do you know which pre-benefit activities you are required to complete?

One of our Customer Service Representatives or Case Managers will confirm the pre-benefit activities that you need to complete, and will book appointments for you if necessary.

What if you can’t do these activities right now?

If there are circumstances outside of your control preventing you from completing pre-benefit activities, or preventing you from looking for work right now, you can discuss this with us.