65 years or older

If you’re 65 years or older, you may be able to get New Zealand Superannuation and a SuperGold Card. You may also be able to receive extra financial help.

New Zealand Superannuation

You may be able to get New Zealand Superannuation payments if you're aged 65 and older.

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SuperGold Card

Your SuperGold Card will be sent to you automatically once you have been granted New Zealand Superannuation.

It gives you discounts and offers from a range of businesses, government concessions (such as free off-peak public transport) and discounted services from your local council.

You can sign up to receive the latest SuperGold and other seniors related information by email, such as annual increases to superannuation rates or new discounts available.

If you would like to receive emailed information call 0800 552 002

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If you've served in a war or emergency, you may be able to get a Veteran's Pension or other war allowances and grants. Getting a Veteran's Pension instead of New Zealand Superannuation has a number of benefits.

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Help with housing and living costs

You may be able to get help with housing or living costs such as:

  • essential house repairs
  • rent, board or mortgage payments
  • rates and rates rebates
  • overdue power account
  • buying household appliances and furniture.

If you're struggling to support yourself or your family, please contact us. We can often help.

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Help with retirement home or assisted living costs

We may be able to help you with the cost of residential care. If you live alone and have a spouse or partner in care, you may be able to get extra assistance.

If you're going into care and want to keep your home, we may be able to help you with a Residential Care loan.

Websites that may help

Contact us

Everyone's situation is different. We're here to help if you need it.

Please contact us if you:

  • would like more information
  • would like assistance
  • aren't sure if you can get assistance
  • are struggling to support yourself or your family.

Please call:

  • NZ Superannuation line: 0800 552 002
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