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Infectious and parasitic diseases

A020. Salmonella gastroenteritis
A03.. Shigellosis
A04z. Food poisoning NOS
A061. Giardiasis - Lambliasis
A0743 Campylobacter gastrointestinal tract infection
A075. Unspecified bacterial enteritis
A07y0 Viral gastroenteritis
A0803 Infectious gastroenteritis
A1... Tuberculosis
A2712 Cutaneous erysipeloid
A33.. Whooping cough
A340. Streptococcal sore throat
A341. Scarlet fever - scarlatina
A35.. Erysipelas
A360. Meningococcal meningitis
A37.. Tetanus
A38.. Septicaemia
A3A4. Legionella
A3A6. Necrotising fasciitis
A3B0. Streptococcal infection
A3B1. Staphylococcal infection
A3B7. Pseudomonas infection
A3By3 Mycoplasma infection
A3By7 Gardnerella vaginalis
A5... Viral diseases with exanthem
A52.. Chickenpox - varicella
A53.. Herpes zoster
A5315 Postzoster neuralgia
A5323 Ophthalmic herpes zoster infection
A54.. Herpes simplex
A55.. Measles
A550. Postmeasles encephalitis
A57z. Other viral exanthemata NOS
A70.. Viral hepatitis
A703. Viral (serum) hepatitis B
A7054 Hepatitis non A non B
A70z0 Hepatitis C
A72.. Mumps
A75.. Infectious mononucleosis
A7812 Genital warts
A7814 Plain wart
A788. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
A78A. Chlamydial infection
A79A. Respiratory syncytial virus infection
A79z. Viral infection NOS
A84.. Malaria
A9... Syphilis and other venereal diseases
A993. Reiter’s disease / syndrome
A994. Nonspecific urethritis
AA0.. Leptospirosis
AB0.. Dermatophytosis including tinea or ringworm
AB10. Pityriasis versicolor
AB1z. Dermatomycosis NOS
AB2.. Candidiasis
AB63. Aspergillosis
AD0.. Toxoplasmosis
AD1.. Trichomoniasis - trichomonas
AD30. Scabies
AD5.. Sarcoidosis


B01.., Malignant neoplasm of tongue
B10.. Malignant neoplasm of oesophagus
B11.. Malignant neoplasm of stomach
B13.. Malignant neoplasm of colon
B141. Malignant neoplasm of rectum
B150. Primary malignant neoplasm of liver
B153. Secondary malignant neoplasm of liver
B17.. Malignant neoplasm of pancreas
B1z0. Malignant neoplasm of intestinal tract, part unspecified
B21.. Malignant neoplasm of larynx
B22.. Malignant neoplasm of trachea, bronchus and lung
B232. Mesothelioma of pleura
B30.. Malignant neoplasm of bone and articular cartilage
B32.. Malignant melanoma of skin
B34.. Malignant neoplasm of female breast
B41.. Malignant neoplasm of cervix uteri
B43.. Malignant neoplasm of body of uterus
B440. Malignant neoplasm of ovary
B46.. Malignant neoplasm of prostate
B47.. Malignant neoplasm of testis
B49.. Malignant neoplasm of urinary bladder
B4A.. Malig neop of kidney and other unspecified urinary organs
B51.. Malignant neoplasm of brain
B53.. Malignant neoplasm of thyroid gland
B540. Malignant neoplasm of adrenal gland
B5420 Malignant neoplasm of pituitary gland
B56z. Secondary and unspec malig neop lymph nodes NOS
B577. Secondary malignant neoplasm of liver
B57y. Secondary malignant neoplasm of other digestive organ
B58.. Secondary malignant neoplasm of other specified sites
B5831 Secondary malignant neoplasm of spinal cord
B58z. Secondary malignant neoplasm of other specified site NOS
B591. Other malignant neoplasm NOS
B61.. Hodgkin’s disease
B627. Non - Hodgkin’s lymphoma
B630. Multiple myeloma
B64.. Lymphoid leukaemia
B65.. Myeloid leukaemia
B6y0. Myeloproliferative disorder
B713. Benign neoplasm of colon
B74.. Lipoma
B76.. Benign neoplasm of skin
B77.. Benign neoplasm of breast
B78.. Uterine leiomyoma - fibroids
B7A.. Benign neoplasm of ovary
B7A1. Dermoid cyst
B7B2. Benign neoplasm of vulva
B7F.. Benign neoplasm of brain and other parts of nervous system
B7F20 Cerebral meningioma
B7G.. Benign neoplasm of thyroid gland
B7H2. Benign neoplasm of pituitary gland and craniopharyngeal duct
B7J0. Haemangioma
B830. Carcinoma in situ of breast
B831. Carcinoma in situ of cervix uteri
B834. Carcinoma in situ of prostate
B927. Neurofibromatosis - Von Recklinghausen’s disease
B934. Polycythaemia vera


Myelodysplastic syndrome, unspecified

Endocrine, nutritional, metabolic and immunity disorders

C0... Disorders of thyroid gland
C000. Simple goitre
C01.. Nontoxic nodular goitre
C02.. Thyrotoxicosis
C03.. Congenital hypothyroidism
C04.. Acquired hypothyroidism
C040. Postsurgical hypothyroidism
C05.. Thyroiditis
C062. Thyroid cyst
C10.. Diabetes mellitus
C104. Diabetes mellitus with renal manifestation
C106. Diabetes mellitus with neurological manifestation
C108. Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
C109. Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
C111. Other hyperinsulinism
C112. Hypoglycaemia unspecified
C120. Hyperparathyroidism
C13.. Disorders of pituitary gland and its hypothalamic control
C135. Diabetes insipidus
C137. Iatrogenic pituitary disorders
C150. Cushing’s syndrome
C154. Corticoadrenal insufficiency
C1610 Hypersecretion of ovarian androgen
C1631 Secondary ovarian failure
C164. Polycystic ovaries
C172. Other testicular hypofunction
C2... Nutritional deficiencies
C253. Wernicke’s encephalopathy
C2620 Folic acid deficiency
C2621 Vitamin B12 deficiency
C2943 Iron deficiency
C3043 Homocystinuria
C3131 Lactose intolerance
C3135 Glucose intolerance
C32.. Disorders of lipoid metabolism
C34.. Gout
C35.. Disorders of mineral metabolism
C3500 Haemochromatosis
C361. Hyposmolality and or hyponatraemia
C3652 Dehydration NEC
C3661 Fluid retention
C367. Hyperkalaemia
C368. Hypokalaemia
C36z. Disorders of fluid, electrolyte and acid-base balance NEC
C370. Cystic fibrosis
C371. Disorders of porphyrin metabolism
C3722 Hyperuricaem without sign inflamm arthritis+tophaceous dis
C3742 Gilbert’s syndrome
C3762 Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency
C380. Obesity
C3803 Morbid obesity
C3907 Common variable immunodeficiency
C39X. Immunodeficiency associated+major defect, unspecified

Diseases of blood and blood-forming organs

D00.. Iron deficiency anaemias
D010. Pernicious anaemia
D1... Haemolytic anaemias
D214. Chronic anaemia
D30.. Coagulation defects
D304. Von Willebrand’s disease
D31.. Purpura and other haemorrhagic conditions
D3100 Henoch-Schonlein purpura
D313. Primary thrombocytopenia
D3130 Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura
D400. Agranulocytosis
D40y0 Lymphocytosis
D410. Secondary polycythaemia
D412. Nonspecific mesenteric lymphadenitis
D41y0 Hypergammaglobulinaemia
Dy... Other specified disorders of blood or blood forming organ


Mental health disorders

E00.. Senile and presenile organic psychotic conditions
E01.. Alcoholic psychoses
E0112 Wernicke-Korsakov syndrome
E02.. Drug psychoses
E03y3 Unspecified puerperal psychosis
E042. Chronic confusional state
E10.. Schizophrenic disorders
E103. Paranoid schizophrenia
E11.. Affective psychoses
E112. Single major depressive episode
E113. Recurrent major depressive episode
E116. Mixed bipolar affective disorder
E12.. Paranoid states
E130. Reactive depressive psychosis
E135. Agitated depression
E13z. Nonorganic psychosis NOS
E140. Infantile autism
E200. Anxiety states
E2001 Panic disorder
E2003 Anxiety with depression
E2016 Other conversion disorder
E202. Phobic disorders
E2031 Obsessional neurosis
E204. Neurotic depression reactive type
E207. Hypochondriasis
E20y0 Somatization disorder
E21.. Personality disorders
E225. Trans-sexualism
E23.. Alcohol dependence syndrome
E24.. Drug dependence
E2430 Cannabis dependence, unspecified
E25.. Nondependent abuse of drugs
E271. Anorexia nervosa
E2723 Gilles de la Tourette’s disorder
E2742 Persistent insomnia
E2751 Bulimia (non-organic overeating)
E2781 Tension headache
E28.. Acute reaction to stress
E29.. Adjustment reaction
E2900 Grief reaction
E2A2. Post-concussion syndrome
E2B.. Depressive disorder NEC
E2B1. Chronic depression
E2C.. Disturbance of conduct NEC
E2C01 Anger reaction
E2C31 Pathological gambling
E2E01 Attention deficit with hyperactivity
E2F2. Other specific learning difficulty
E3... Mental retardation

Nervous system and sense organ diseases

F00.. Bacterial meningitis
F011. Meningitis due to viral organisms EC
F023. Arachnoiditis
F037. Transverse myelitis
F110. Alzheimer’s disease
F114. Acquired obstructive hydrocephalus
F12.. Parkinson’s disease
F1310 Benign essential tremor
F134. Huntington’s chorea
F152. Motor neurone disease
F1600 Syringomyelia
F17.. Autonomic nervous system disorders
F20.. Multiple sclerosis
F21.. Other central nervous system demyelinating diseases
F22.. Hemiplegia
F23.. Congenital cerebral palsy
F240. Quadriplegia
F241. Paraplegia
F246. Cauda equina syndrome
F25.. Epilepsy
F2515 Tonic-clonic epilepsy
F2516 Grand mal seizure
F2540 Temporal lobe epilepsy
F25X. Status epilepticus, unspecified
F26.. Migraine
F271. Narcolepsy
F281. Anoxic brain damage
F282. Benign intracranial hypertension
F286. Chronic fatigue syndrome
F2924 Chemical meningitis
F29y5 Chronic post-traumatic headache
F30.. Trigeminal nerve disorders
F310. Bell’s (facial) palsy
F31yz Other facial nerve disorder NOS
F336. Phantom limb syndrome
F3371 Nerve root and plexus compressions in intervert disc disord
F340. Carpal tunnel syndrome
F342. Ulnar nerve lesions
F345. Mononeuritis multiplex
F350. Sciatic nerve lesion
F355. Tarsal tunnel syndrome
F3560 Morton’s metatarsalgia
F3561 Morton’s neuralgia
F3610 Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
F367. Peripheral neuropathy
F3700 Guillain-Barre syndrome
F372. Polyneuropathy in diabetes
F37X. Inflammatory polyneuropathy, unspecified
F380. Myasthenia gravis
F39B. Muscular dystrophy
F41.. Retinal detachments and defects
F42.. Other retinal disorders
F420. Diabetic retinopathy
F4203 Advanced diabetic maculopathy
F4213 Hypertensive retinopathy
F425. Degeneration of macula and posterior pole
F4276 Retinitis pigmentosa
F440. Acute and subacute iridocyclitis
F4430 Anterior uveitis
F4440 Hyphaema
F45.. Glaucoma
F46.. Cataract
F47.. Disorders of refraction and accommodation
F4817 Photophobia
F482. Diplopia (double vision)
F484. Visual field defects
F49.. Blindness and low vision
F4A.. Keratitis
F4A0. Corneal ulcer
F4B0. Corneal scars and opacities
F4B6. Keratoconus
F4C1. Chronic conjunctivitis
F4C4. Pterygium
F4C51 Pinguecula
F4C71 Subconjunctival haemorrhage
F4D0. Blepharitis
F4D2. Chalazion (meibomian cyst)
F4E.. Other eyelid disorders
F4F.. Lacrimal system disorders
F4F14 Dry eye syndrome
F4H1. Optic atrophy
F4H3. Optic neuritis
F4J.. Strabismus and other disorders of binocular eye movements
F4K0. Scleritis and episcleritis
F4K21 Vitreous detachment
F4K28 Vitreous haemorrhage
F4K5. Nystagmus and other irregular eye movements
F500. Perichondritis of pinna
F501. Infective otitis externa
F502. Other otitis externa
F511. Chronic otitis media with effusion, serous
F512. Chronic otitis media with effusion, mucoid
F51y0 Eustachian tube dysfunction
F52.. Suppurative and unspecified otitis media
F542. Tympanic membrane perforation
F55.. Other disorders of middle ear and mastoid
F553. Cholesteatoma and aural polyp
F560. Meniere’s disease
F562. Vertigo of central origin
F563. Labyrinthitis
F57.. Otosclerosis
F583. Tinnitus
F587. Otalgia
F59.. Hearing loss
F593. Deaf mutism, NEC
Fy0.. Sleep disorders

Circulatory system diseases

G0... Acute rheumatic fever
G02.. Rheumatic chorea
G1... Chronic rheumatic heart disease
G20.. Essential hypertension
G22z. Hypertensive renal disease NOS
G3... Ischaemic heart disease
G33.. Angina pectoris
G401. Pulmonary embolism
G410. Primary pulmonary hypertension
G50.. Acute pericarditis
G51.. Acute and subacute endocarditis
G53.. Other diseases of pericardium
G540. Mitral valve incompetence
G541. Aortic valve disorders
G55.. Cardiomyopathy
G56.. Conduction disorders
G57.. Cardiac dysrhythmias
G5730 Atrial fibrillation
G58.. Heart failure
G580. Congestive heart failure
G5y3. Cardiomegaly
G5y34 Ventricular hypertrophy
G60.. Subarachnoid haemorrhage
G61.. Intracerebral haemorrhage
G634. Carotid artery stenosis
G64.. Cerebral arterial occlusion
G64z. Cerebral infarction NOS
G65.. Transient cerebral ischaemia
G66.. Stroke and cerebrovascular accident unspecified
G673. Cerebral aneurysm, nonruptured
G71.. Aortic aneurysm
G730. Raynaud’s syndrome
G73z. Peripheral vascular disease NOS
G73z0 Intermittent claudication
G74.. Arterial embolism and thrombosis
G7551 Temporal arteritis
G80.. Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis
G801. DVT - deep vein phlebitis and thrombophlebitis of the leg
G83.. Varicose veins of the legs
G831. Varicose veins of the leg with eczema
G835. Infected varicose ulcer
G84.. Haemorrhoids
G850. Oesophageal varices with bleeding
G862. Lymphangitis
G870. Orthostatic hypotension
G8yy0 Chronic venous insufficiency NOS

Respiratory system diseases

H025. Allergic pharyngitis

H03.. Acute tonsillitis

H05z. Upper respiratory infection NOS

H06z1 Lower resp tract infection

H06z2 Recurrent chest infection

H11.. Nasal polyps

H120. Chronic rhinitis

H121. Chronic pharyngitis

H13.. Chronic sinusitis

H14.. Chronic tonsil and adenoid disease

H160. Chronic laryngitis

H17.. Allergic rhinitis

H1y1. Other nasal cavity and sinus disease

H1y5. Other vocal cord disease

H21.. Lobar (pneumococcal) pneumonia

H25.. Bronchopneumonia due to unspecified organism

H27.. Influenza

H28.. Atypical pneumonia

H3... Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

H31.. Chronic bronchitis

H32.. Emphysema

H33.. Asthma

H34.. Bronchiectasis

H35.. Extrinsic allergic alveolitis

H41.. Asbestosis

H51.. Pleurisy

H51z. Pleural effusion NOS

H52.. Pneumothorax

H59.. Respiratory failure

H5B.. Sleep apnoea

H5y0. Tracheostomy complication

Digestive system diseases

J010. Dental caries

J0250 Dental abscess

J03.. Gingival and periodontal disease

J043C Impacted wisdom teeth

J046. Temporomandibular joint disorders

J05y. Other specified dental disorder

J07.. Salivary gland diseases

J080. Stomatitis

J082. Oral aphthae

J090. Glossitis

J100. Achalasia of cardia

J101. Oesophagitis

J103. Oesophageal stricture and stenosis

J105. Dyskinesia of oesophagus

J108. Mallory - Weiss tear

J10y4 Oesopheal reflux without mention of oesophagitis

J11.. Gastric ulcer - (GU)

J12.. Duodenal ulcer - (DU)

J13.. Peptic ulcer - (PU) site unspecified

J15.. Gastritis and duodenitis

J16y4 Dyspepsia

J20.. Acute appendicitis

J30.. Inguinal hernia

J31.. Femoral hernia

J32.. Umbilical hernia

J33.. Ventral hernia

J34.. Diaphragmatic hernia

J40.. Regional enteritis - Crohn’s disease

J4101 Ulcerative colitis

J4103 Ulcerative proctitis

J43.. Other non-infective inflammatory gastroenteritis and colitis

J50.. Intestinal obstruction without mention of hernia

J51.. Diverticula of intestine

J520. Constipation - functional

J521. Irritable colon - Irritable bowel syndrome

J5222 Dumping (jejunal) syndrome

J5260 Proctalgia fugax

J53.. Anal fissure and fistula

J540. Perianal abscess

J55.. Peritonitis

J560. Peritoneal adhesions

J571. Rectal prolapse

J5730 Rectal haemorrhage

J574C Proctitis NOS

J57yB Perforation of intestine

J6011 Subacute hepatitis - noninfective

J612. Alcoholic cirrhosis of liver

J614. Chronic hepatitis

J6160 Primary biliary cirrhosis

J617. Alcoholic hepatitis

J61y1 Non-alcoholic fatty liver

J623. Portal hypertension

J63.. Other liver disorders

J64.. Cholelithiasis

J6422 Biliary colic

J6510 Chronic cholecystitis

J661. Cholangitis

J670. Acute pancreatitis

J671. Chronic pancreatitis

J680. Haematemesis

J681. Melaena

J69.. Intestinal malabsorption

J690. Coeliac disease

J69yz Other gastrointestinal tract malabsorption NOS

Genitourinary system diseases

K00.. Acute glomerulonephritis

K01.. Nephrotic syndrome

K02.. Chronic glomerulonephritis

K04.. Acute renal failure

K05.. Chronic renal failure

K060. Renal impairment

K072. Glomerulosclerosis

K100. Chronic pyelonephritis

K101. Acute pyelonephritis

K1012 Acute pyelitis

K1020 Renal abscess

K11.. Hydronephrosis

K12.. Calculus of kidney and ureter

K13.. Other kidney and ureter disorders

K134. Other ureteric obstruction

K137. Vesicoureteric reflux

K140. Bladder calculus

K15.. Cystitis

K1653 Detrusor instability

K16y4 Irritable bladder

K17.. Urethritis due to non venereal causes

K18.. Urethral stricture

K1903 Recurrent urinary tract infection

K197. Haematuria

K20.. Benign prostatic hypertrophy

K21.. Prostate inflammatory diseases

K24.. Orchitis and epididymitis

K282. Torsion of testis

K28y8 Pain in testis

K28yu Other testicular disease

K30.. Benign mammary dysplasia

K310. Inflammatory breast disease

K3110 Gynaecomastia

K3170 Mastodynia - pain in breast

K3171 Lump in breast

K318. Breast abscess

K4... Female pelvic inflammatory diseases

K402. Salpingitis and oophoritis unspecified

K4100 Acute endometritis

K420. Cervicitis and endocervicitis

K421. Vaginitis and vulvovaginitis

K42X. Disease of Bartholin’s gland, unspecified

K50.. Endometriosis

K51.. Genital prolapse

K53.. Noninflammatory disorders of the ovary/tube/broad ligament

K551. Dysplasia of cervix uteri

K582. Mittelschmerz - ovulation pain

K583. Dysmenorrhoea

K584. Premenstrual tension syndrome

K586. Stress incontinence - female

K59.. Menstruation disorders

K5920 Menorrhagia

K5A.. Menopausal and postmenopausal disorders

K5B.. Infertility – female

Complications of pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium

ZV22. Normal pregnancy

L03.. Ectopic pregnancy

L100. Threatened abortion

L11.. AP haemorrhage, abruptio placentae, placenta praevia

L116. Placenta praevia

L125. Severe pre-eclampsia

L126. Eclampsia

L13.. Excessive pregnancy vomiting

L14.. Early or threatened labour

L15.. Prolonged or post-term pregnancy

L1663 Genitourinary tract infection in pregnancy - not delivered

L16y. Other pregnancy complications

L180. Diabetes mellitus during pregnancy/childbirth/puerperium

L1825 Iron deficiency anaemia of pregnancy

L20.. Normal delivery in a completely normal case

L21.. Multiple pregnancy

L264. Intrauterine death

L281. Premature rupture of membranes

L3945 Infection of obstetric surgical wound

L39z2 Complications of labour and delivery NOS - del + p/n problem

L400. Puerperal endometritis

L410. Varicose veins of legs in pregnancy and the puerperium

L416. Haemorrhoids in pregnancy and the puerperium

L41y. Other venous complication of pregnancy and the puerperium

L45.. Obstetric breast infections

Skin and subcutaneous tissue diseases

M00.. Carbuncle

M01.. Furuncle - boil

M01z0 Multiple boils

M03.. Other cellulitis and abscess

M04.. Acute lymphadenitis

M05.. Impetigo

M06.. Pilonidal sinus/cyst

M071. Pyogenic granuloma

M072. Erythrasma

M08.. Cutaneous cellulitis

M09.. Cutaneous abscess

M101. Seborrhoeic dermatitis

M111. Atopic dermatitis/eczema

M116. Neurodermatitis - diffuse

M119. Discoid eczema

M12.. Contact dermatitis and other eczemas

M128. Allergic contact dermatitis

M129. Irritant contact dermatitis

M12z3 Hand eczema

M13.. Ingestion dermatitis

M14.. Bullous dermatoses

M151. Erythema multiforme

M152. Erythema nodosum

M153. Rosacea

M1535 Perioral dermatitis

M154. Lupus erythematosus

M15y1 Intertrigo

M15y5 Granuloma annulare

M16.. Psoriasis and similar disorders

M163. Pityriasis rosea

M170. Lichen planus

M173. Lichen simplex

M18.. Pruritus and related conditions

M200. Corns

M201. Callosity

M21.. Other atrophic and hypertrophic conditions of skin

M223. Seborrhoeic keratosis

M230. Ingrowing nail

M23yC Onychogryphosis

M240. Alopecia

M241. Hirsutism - hypertrichosis

M244. Folliculitis

M25y1 Hidradenitis

M2610 Acne vulgaris

M27.. Chronic skin ulcer

M28.. Urticaria

M2951 Vitiligo

M2y42 Vesicular eruption

M2y45 Epidermal cyst

M2y5. Foreign body in skin or subcutaneous tissue

Musculoskeletal and connective tissue diseases

N000. Systemic lupus erythematosus

N001. Scleroderma

N0011 CREST syndrome

N002. Sicca (Sjogren’s) syndrome

N010. Pyogenic arthritis

N011. Sexually acquired reactive arthropathy

N02.. Crystal arthropathies

N023. Gouty arthritis

N040. Rheumatoid arthritis

N04y1 Sero negative arthritis

N05.. Osteoarthritis and allied disorders

N0515 Localised, primary osteoarthritis of the pelvic region/thigh

N05zJ Osteoarthritis NOS, of hip

N05zL Osteoarthritis NOS, of knee

N062. Allergic arthritis

N065. Unspecified polyarthropathy or polyarthritis

N06z5 Arthropathy NOS, of the pelvic region and thigh

N07.. Internal derangement of knee

N0810 Loose body in joint, unspecified joint

N083. Recurrent dislocation of joint

N084. Contracture of joint

N090. Effusion of joint

N091. Haemarthrosis

N094. Pain in joint - arthralgia

N0959 Multiple stiff joints

N09A. Patellofemoral disorder

N100. Ankylosing spondylitis

N102. Sacroiliitis NEC

N11.. Spondylosis and allied disorders

N110. Cervical spondylosis without myelopathy

N12.. Intervertebral disc disorders

N120. Cervical disc displacement without myelopathy

N122. Lumbar disc displacement

N131. Cervicalgia - pain in neck

N134. Brachial (cervical) neuritis

N135. Torticollis unspecified

N140. Spinal stenosis, excluding cervical region

N141. Pain in thoracic spine

N142. Pain in lumbar spine

N143. Sciatica

N1472 Coccygodynia

N20.. Polymyalgia rheumatica

N21.. Peripheral enthesopathies and allied syndromes

N210. Adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder

N211. Rotator cuff shoulder syndrome and allied disorders

N2132 Lateral epicondylitis of the elbow

N2133 Olecranon bursitis

N2157 Trochanteric bursitis

N2165 Prepatellar bursitis

N2174 Achilles tendinitis

N2179 Plantar fasciitis

N21z2 Tendinitis NOS

N220. Synovitis and tenosynovitis

N221. Bunion

N223. Bursitis NOS

N224. Ganglion and cyst of synovium, tendon and bursa

N236. Dupuytren’s contracture

N2370 Plantar fascial fibromatosis

N23y4 Spasm of muscle

N23yD Muscle strain

N2401 Fibrositis unspecified

N2410 Myalgia unspecified

N2420 Neuralgia unspecified

N245. Pain in limb

N2456 Tender heel pad

N2471 Leg cramps

N248. Fibromyalgia

N30.. Osteomyelitis, periostitis, other infections affecting bone

N310. Osteitis deformans - Paget’s disease of the bone

N32.. Osteochondropathies

N3211 Perthes’ disease - osteochondritis of the femoral head

N330. Osteoporosis

N332. Cyst of bone

N334. Avascular necrosis of bone

N337. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

N33zE Costochondritis

N340. Pes planus - acquired

N361. Mallet finger

N362. Other acquired finger deformity

N373. Kyphoscoliosis and scoliosis

N384. Acquired spondylolisthesis

Ny2.. Repetitive strain injury

Congenital anomalies

P1... Spina bifida

P114. Meningomyelocele

P21.. Microcephalus

P23.. Congenital hydrocephalus

P24.. Other specified brain anomalies

P25z. Spinal cord anomalies NOS

P3... Congenital eye anomalies

P40z. Other and unspecified ear anomaly with hearing impaired

P52.. Tetralogy of Fallot

P54.. Ventricular septal defect

P550. Atrial septal defect NOS

P6... Other congenital heart anomalies

P7... Other congenital circulatory system anomalies

P8... Respiratory system congenital anomalies

P9... Cleft palate and lip

PA... Other congenital upper alimentary tract anomalies

PB... Other congenital digestive system anomaly

PB6.. Liver and biliary system anomalies

PD... Urinary system congenital anomalies

PE... Certain congenital musculoskeletal deformities

PE23. Congenital scoliosis due to congenital bony malformation

PE3.. Congenital dislocation and subluxation of the hip

PE34. Dysplastic hip

PF... Other congenital limb anomalies

PG12. Congenital spondylolisthesis

PG17. Spina-bifida occulta

PG18. Congenital kyphosis

PG1w. Congenital anomalies of lumbar vertebrae NEC

PH34. Other specified birthmark

PJ... Chromosomal anomalies

PJ0.. Down’s syndrome - trisomy 21

PJ63. Turner’s syndrome

PJ7.. Klinefelter’s syndrome

PKy2. Marfan’s syndrome

PKy93 Prader - Willi syndrome

Pz... Congenital anomaly NOS

Symptoms, signs and ill-defined conditions

R0004 [D] Coma

R002z [D]Syncope and collapse NOS

R003. [D]Convulsions

R0040 [D]Dizziness

R0043 [D]Vertigo NOS

R005. [D]Sleep disturbances

R0053 [D]Hypersomnia with sleep apnoea

R006. [D]Pyrexia of unknown origin

R0070 [D]Malaise

R0071 [D]Fatigue

R0073 [D]Lethargy

R0075 [D]Tiredness

R009. [D]Confusion

R00A. [D] Poor mobility

R00z0 [D]Amnesia (retrograde)

R00z8 [D]Irritability and anger

R00zC [D]Chronic intractable pain

R00zD [D]Restlessness and agitation

R00zW [D]State of emotional shock and stress, unspecified

R01.. [D]Nervous and musculoskeletal symptoms

R010. [D]Abnormal involuntary movements

R0103 [D]Tremor NOS

R012. [D]Gait abnormality

R013. [D]Lack of coordination

R0206 [D]Numbness

R0207 [D]Paraesthesia

R021. [D]Rash and other nonspecific skin eruption

R023. [D]Oedema

R0261 [D]Flushing

R027. [D]Spontaneous ecchymoses

R030. [D]Anorexia

R031. [D]Abnormal weight gain

R032. [D]Abnormal loss of weight

R036. [D]Bulemia

R040. [D]Headache

R0400 [D]Facial pain

R0444 [D]Dysphonia

R0463 [D]Dyslexia

R051. [D]Palpitations

R054. [D]Gangrene

R0560 [D]Lymphadenopathy

R05W. [D] Bradycardia, unspecified

R0601 [D]Hyperventilation

R0608 [D]Shortness of breath

R0609 [D]Wheezing

R060A [D]Dyspnoea

R062. [D]Cough

R063. [D]Haemoptysis

R065. [D]Chest pain

R0700 [D]Nausea

R0720 [D]Difficulty in swallowing

R078. [D]Change in bowel habit

R080. [D]Renal colic

R081. [D]Dysuria

R082. [D]Retention of urine

R083. [D]Incontinence of urine

R0862 [D] Urgency of micturition

R090. [D]Abdominal pain

R091. [D]Hepatomegaly

R092. [D]Splenomegaly

R0934 [D]Pelvic mass

R095. [D]Ascites

R107. [D]Unspecified viraemia

R148. [D]Abnormal liver function test

R15X. [D]Abnormal immunological finding in serum, unspecified

R1y2. [D]Raised blood pressure reading

R2y3. [D]Debility, unspecified

Injury and poisoning

S0... Fracture of skull

S02.. Fracture of face bones

S1... Fracture of neck and trunk

S10.. Fracture of spine without mention of spinal cord injury

S11.. Fracture of spine with spinal cord lesion

S12.. Fracture of rib(s), sternum, larynx and trachea

S13.. Fracture or disruption of pelvis

S15.. Fracture of thoracic vertebra

S20.. Fracture of clavicle

S21.. Fracture of scapula

S22.. Fracture of humerus

S23.. Fracture of radius and ulna

S24.. Fracture of carpal bone

S25.. Fracture of metacarpal bone

S26.. Fracture of one or more phalanges of hand

S29.. Multiple # both upper limbs & upper limb with rib + sternum

S30.. Fracture of neck of femur

S31.. Other fracture of femur

S32.. Fracture of patella

S33.. Fracture of tibia and fibula

S34.. Fracture of ankle

S35.. Fracture of one or more tarsal and metatarsal bones

S36.. Fracture of one or more phalanges of foot

S3y.. Multiple #both legs, leg + arm ,leg + rib + sternum

S40.. Dislocation or subluxation of jaw

S41.. Dislocation or subluxation of shoulder

S42.. Dislocation or subluxation of elbow

S43.. Dislocation or subluxation of wrist

S44.. Dislocation or subluxation of finger or thumb

S45.. Dislocation or subluxation of hip

S46.. Dislocation or subluxation of knee

S47.. Dislocation or subluxation of ankle

S48.. Dislocation or subluxation of foot

S49.. Other, multiple and ill-defined dislocations or subluxations

S4B.. Fracture-dislocation or subluxation elbow

S4C.. Fracture-dislocation or subluxation of wrist

S4F.. Fracture-dislocation or subluxation knee

S4G.. Fracture-dislocation or subluxation ankle

S4H.. Fracture-dislocation or subluxation foot

S4J.. Other fracture-dislocation or subluxation

S504. Rotator cuff sprain

S50w. Other shoulder sprain

S51.. Sprain of elbow and forearm

S52.. Sprain of wrist and hand

S53.. Sprain of hip and thigh

S54.. Sprain of knee and leg

S55.. Sprain of ankle and foot

S570. Neck sprain

S571. Thoracic sprain

S572. Lumbar sprain

S57z. Back sprain NOS

S5Q4. Rupture biceps tendon

S5V0. Rupture achilles tendon

S5y3. Rib sprain

S5z.. Sprains and strains NOS

S60.. Concussion

S62.. Cerebral haemorrhage following injury

S646. Head injury

S75.. Injury to spleen

S76.. Injury to kidney

S8... Open wound of head, neck and trunk

S80.. Open wound of ocular adnexa

S830. Open wound of scalp

S8363 Broken tooth injury

S83x. Other open wound of head

S892. Open wound of anterior abdominal wall

S9... Open wound of upper limb

S91.. Open wound of elbow, forearm and wrist

S92.. Open wound of hand, excluding finger(s)

S93.. Open wound of finger(s) or thumb

S97.. Traumatic amputation of arm and hand

SA... Open wound of lower limb

SA101 Open wound of leg

SA102 Open wound of ankle

SA2.. Open wound of foot, excluding toe(s)

SC39. Sequelae of injury of eye and orbit

SD3y1 Superficial injury of forearm NOS

SD7y2 Contusion of toe(s) with damage to nail

SD810 Corneal abrasion

SD94. Insect bite, nonvenomous, without mention of infection NOS

SD960 Foreign body in skin wound

SE... Contusion (bruise) with intact skin

SF... Crushing injury

SG... Foreign body (FB) in orifice

SG00. Corneal foreign body

SH... Burns

SH53. Full thickness burn of the leg

SJ... Nerve and spinal cord injuries

SJ24. Cauda equina injury without bony injury

SJ5X. Injury of unspecified nerve at wrist and hand level

SK1E. Injury of muscle and tendon at lower leg level

SL... Poisoning

SM952 Spider venom causing toxic effect

SN01. Radiation therapy complication

SN50. Anaphylactic shock

SN52. Drug hypersensitivity NOS

SN53. Allergy, unspecified

SN561 Battered woman, unspecified

SN562 Battered man, unspecified

SN571 Sexual abuse

SN58. Food allergy

SP... Surgical and medical care complications NEC

SP00. Mechanical complication of cardiac device, implant and graft

SP081 Transplanted organ rejection

SP25. Postoperative infection

Sz... Injury and poisoning NOS

Unspecified conditions

ZV22. Normal pregnancy

Z.... Unspecified conditions