New login and you can do more in My Account

02 December 2013.

There’s a new way to login and there are lots of new things you can do in My Account.

New features in My Account

You can now:

  • change your address and accommodation costs
  • change your bank account details
  • declare any income you’ve earned
  • report your job search
  • stop any Work and Income payments you’re receiving
  • apply for financial assistance
  • check what you might get using the eligibility calculator.

New way to login

You now need a RealMe login to use My Account or to apply online. Your old My Account username and password no longer work.

RealMe is the new secure way for New Zealanders to access services and prove their identity online. If you already have a RealMe login, you can use that, otherwise you’ll need to create one.

RealMe will text you a security code each time you login, which you enter as part of logging in.

How to set yourself up online

How to get a RealMe login

It’s easy to get a RealMe login – you’ll get the option to create one when you click on one of our online services which needs a login.

You need a mobile phone number and an email address to create a RealMe login.

How to link your RealMe login to My Account

The first time you login to My Account, you’ll need to link your RealMe login to your My Account information. To do this you’ll need to:

  • get a one-time password from us – we need your mobile phone number so we can text the password to you
  • login to RealMe
  • enter your one-time password

How to get a one-time password

Call us to get your One-Time Password – don’t call RealMe. We’ll need to know your mobile phone number so we can text your one-time Password to you.

  • If you’re getting NZ Superannuation, Veteran’s Pension or Emergency Benefit 65+ call 0800 552 002. For any NZ benefit or pension paid overseas, call (from Australia) 1800 150 479 or (from other countries) + 64 4 978 1180
  • otherwise call the One-Time Password Self Service line on 0800 687 775.

If you have registered your voice with us you can get your One-Time Password automatically, otherwise you’ll be put through to a Customer Service Representative. They’ll identify you and give you a One-Time Password. If our phone lines are busy please try back again later in the afternoon. You can also, visit us and bring your Community Services Card or identification that you've given us before.

Please note your One-Time Password is case-sensitive.

Register your voice with us

Registering your voice is a way of identifying you by the unique properties of your voice. When you ring we won’t have to ask as many questions to check your identity.

Registering your voice is optional, but it will make it easier and quicker for you whenever you call our contact centre. It will also allow you to use Service Express Line to check your benefit details or to tell us about your income.

To register your voice you can either:

  • call us on 0800 559 009. When you’re asked what you are calling about say ‘Assistance". You must call from a landline so the call is clear enough to use.
  • visit a Work and Income service centre, and tell the receptionist you want to register your voice. You will need to take your Community Services Card or identification that you have given us before.