Linwood Community Link

Our location

Street address:
154 Aldwins Road

Postal address:
PO Box 24181
Christchurch 8642

Fax: 03 381 8059

Linwood Community Link

Our services

The services delivered by the different agencies connect the community to a wide range of social supports and services that may include health, education, housing, advocacy, advice, counselling, facilitation services, income and benefit support.

Community Links are part of a move towards a new approach the Ministry of Social Development is taking to simplifying the way people access government and community support services in recognition that people may come to us with a range of complex needs.

The different agencies that are operating from Linwood Community Link provide one place for residents to gain information, advice and assistance. Community Link has been an opportunity to build on the strong relationships already cemented in Linwood and it will continue to evolve through the spirit and passion of those working at Linwood Community Link.

Our partners

Partner agencies include:

  • Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) - provides no–fault personal injury insurance cover
  • Careers NZ – provides help in making decision about work and training
  • Child, Youth and Family - provides support and protection for children, young people and their families
  • Department of Building and Housing - provides tenancy advice and information, community education and liaison and mediation services for tenants and landlords
  • Housing New Zealand Corporation – provides housing, home ownership loans and education for those on lower incomes
  • Work and Income – provides help to get a job and income support
  • Workbridge – provides a professional employment service for people with disabilities, injury or illness